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Continuos Granulation Line

Granulation is the process of collecting particles together by creating bonds between them. Bonds are formed by using bonding Agent or by compression.

Granulation in the Industrial applications can be divided in to two types:

• Batch Granulation
• Continuous Granulation

Advantages of Continuous process:
• provides consistent quality over long periods of time
• requires smaller machines (instead of very large batch mixers)
• less product handling, complete line
• less product exposure, contained systems
• less manpower, higher grade of automation
• less cleaning and less product loss due to cleaning
• development and production in the same machine

Demands for Continuous Processes, continuous mixing:

• Continuous, exact feeding of different materials into the mixer
• Fluctuation and refilling of feeders to be considered and influences excluded

Bectochem Loedige systems for continuous granulation are designed keeping in mind the following:

• Continuous feeding of the granulator with mixed product
• Absolute homogeneous and exact feeding with product and liquid 
• Wetting and granulation time for all particles should be the same
• Required Plug flow
• Common granulation time is approx. 30 – 180 s

Systems & Components offered:

• Dosing system
• Continuous System for Premix
• Continuous Granulator
• Liquid addition system
• Continuous Drying System
• Milling System
• Final Mixing in continuous system