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Mobile Loader & Tilter

Mobile Loader & Tilter

Mobile Loader & Tilter


Product: Mobile Loader & Tilter

• Mobile loaders are manufactured for lifting the storage bins and later positioning the same at their destination with these devices a tilting facility is provided owing to which FBD’s product container can be emptied.
• Further, this facility helps in charging the material in order to process the equipment.
• These units are constructed using various standard assemblies which offer individual solution to each application of solid dosage manufacturing and also for liquid compounding operation.
• This system is evolved to achieve dust free transfer of in-process materials enhancing cGMP standard and simultaneously eliminating laborious manual operation.
• The container is then raised or lowered by hydraulic system with built in safety discharge the contents in the process equipment’s.

Applications- For Charging of:

• Sifters.
• Blender
• Compression Machine
• Strip Packing system.

Salient Features:

• Closed Column construction with floor and ceiling fastening, also available in self-standing pivoted execution.
• Better Safety & GMP.
• Adjustable Mount Stop.
• Lift Lock for safety provided.