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Bin Wash System

Bin Wash System

Bin Wash System

Bin Wash System


Product: Bin Wash System

• The Automatic Wash Station is suitable for washing, drying, and cooling different specifications of bins, drums, and containers for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

• Main purpose is to clean the vessel or bins which are used in pharmaceuticals for loading, Mixing & Blending.

Operating Parameters:

• Max. Working Pressure : 0 – 200 Bar
• Max. Flow: 0 – 60 Liter/min.
• Inlet connection : ½”BSP
• Nozzles: 2 Nos.
• Max. Temp. : 90 °
• Pipe Length : 1018mm
• Material : Stainless Steel
• Air Motor : Pneumatic with silencer
• Seals : EPDM
• Flange : DE0524
• Pressure transmitter up to pressure range 150 bar
• Hose Pipe 10 meter 3/8 “ Pressure up to 200 Bar

Operation of Bin Wash System:

• Solid bins are placed manually inside the washing chamber. Manual location of bins precedes front door closer.
• Properly secured door actuate the wash cycle.
• Wash cycle started through forced actuation of key switch or respective manual button.
• Entire cycle is PLC controlled with online protocol print out & hooter annunciation in case of alarm.
• End of complete cycle leads to second hooter blow.
• Washed bins are removed from the other side of chamber.

Wash Cycle (Changes as per application & Product):

• Potable rinse for preset time
• Hot Potable water or detergent rinse for preset time.
• Detergent added through dosing Pump in the tray of the wash chamber with isolating valve.
• Hot filter water rinse to wash down detergent.
• DM/PW rinse from inside of the bin
• Compressed Air rinse
• Hot air blowing

Features & Benefits:

• High pressure operation and specially-designed solid stream nozzle that increase impact ensure through cleaning
• Nozzles rotate in multiple axes and provide complete coverage of the entire tank.
• External Air motor drives rotational speed; cycle times can be changed without changing the liquid pressure
• Long service life – CE-rated air motor is positioned outside the tank away from harmful caustics.