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Plough Share Mixer

Ploughshare® Mixer Batch Type

Product:  Ploughshare® Mixer for Batch operation

The Batch Mixer operates on the hurling and whirling principle introduced by Lödige to the mixing technology. The mechanically generated fluid bed prevents the formation of dead or low-movement zones and ensures quick, gentle and precise mixing. The resultant individualization of the particles in the mix (fluid bed) allows the addition of liquids and coating of the particles with ease. If necessary, high-speed choppers provide additional support of the mixing process.
Ploughshare® Shovels can be modified for intensive and gentle mixing of fragile components even at low speeds. Reducing the peripheral speed is possible, depending on the product properties. Pastes and pumpable mixtures can be processed with suitably adjusted mixing elements.


  • Highest quality mixes in short mixing times
  • Gentle treatment of the product
  • Reliable reproducibility of the mix quality
  • Combined processes in one single machine
  • Maximum availability
  • Low maintenance design
  • Easy accessibility to all inside parts of the mixer


Type Mixer Volume(L) Working Capacity (L) Type Mixer Volume (L) Working Capacity (L)
FKM 130 130 40-91 FKM2000 2000 600-1400
FKM 300 300 60-210 FKM3000 3000 900-2100
FKM 600 600 180-420 FKM4200 4200 1260-2940
FKM 900 900 270-630 FKM6000 6000 1800-4200
FKM1200 1200 360-840 FKM8000 8000 2400-5600
FKM1600 1600 480-1120 Further Sizes on demand up to 30000 Lit.


  • Food Premix & Spice Blending
  • Mixing of raw materials
  • Mixing of Metal Powders & Bonding material
  • Granulation
  • Dry mix Mortar
  • Homogenization of powder material in Pharmaceutical, Chemical , fine Chemical etc.

Ploughshare® Mixer with Shovels & Choppers