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Oscillating Granulator



Product: Oscillating Granulator

  • The rotating sieve mill guarantees optimum sizing results plus excellent flow rates. 
  • The 360-degree rotor movement ensures constant, uniform speed and force effect for gentle sizing of the product.
  • The advantage of this process resides in an exceptionally low fine particle fraction in the end product, as well, the low mechanical stress allows for the capability of processing heat sensitive products.


  • Oscillating granulators are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and nutritional industry for quick and efficient de-lumping and Particle reduction. 
  • These robust machines are built for research, pilot scale and full production. 
  • Enabled by its modular concept and it’s versatile sizing system provided by the rotary rotor movement, the sieve mill can be employed everywhere.

Salient Features:

      • Easy installation, maintenance and long service life.
      • All Stainless Steel in design large non-marking castors.
      • Easy to clean.
      • Mirror polished side walls.
      • No cross contamination.
      • Low noise.