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Types of PloughShare Mixers

Bectochem Loedige  Ploughshare  Mixer manufactured under technology transfer from Lödige, Germany are used for  Batch as well as  continuous operation.

Ploughshare Mixer operates according to the mechanically generated fluid bed principle introduced to mixing technology by Lödige. The mechanically generated fluid bed prevents the formation of dead or low-movement zones and ensures quick, gentle and precise mixing. The resultant individualization of the particles in the mix (fluid bed) allows the addition of liquids and coating of the particles with ease. If necessary, high-speed choppers provide additional support of the mixing process.
Ploughshare® Shovels can be modified for intensive and gentle mixing of fragile components even at low speeds. Ploughshare® Shovels rotate as mixing elements arranged systematically on the mixer shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical drum. The size, number and positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing elements are coordinated in such a way that they produce a three dimensional movement of the components. The ploughshare mixer can be designed to carry out the industrial processes like Mixing, Drying, Reacting, Moistening/Coating, Sterilization, Granulation and Emulsification . The processes can also be combined to suit the application.

Schematic for PloughShare Mixer
The mixing elements are specifically adapted to individual applications. 
In case of continuous mixing, system achieves high throughputs which can be varied dependent upon residence time, filling degree and product properties. 

It is available with various options to suit the requirement.
  • Capacity range from 5 lit to 30000 lits
  • Highly wear resistant surfaces
  • Heavy duty building steels, stainless steels and special materials
  • Chopper units
  • Heated/cooled drum, endplates and shaft
  • Equipment for liquid supply.
  • Dry bulk materials (powdery, granular, fibrous)
  • Dry bulk materials and liquids (moistening + granulating)
  • Liquids and pastes with low viscosities

Bectochem Loedige Ploughshare mixes are used in almost every branch of Industry for all types of applications. Here is a short extract for the same:

  • Chemical   • Building materials
  • Specialty chemicals   • Environment
  • Pharmaceuticals   • Moulding materials and fibre masses
  • Food   • Wood and ligno materials
  • Cosmetics   • Animal feed
  • Metallurgy/Minerals   • And many more …….