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Product: Co-Mill

The infeed product is introduced into the conical screen chamber (cone mill) and the rotating impeller imparts a vortex flow pattern to the incoming material. 

The material is then forced to the screen surface by centrifugal acceleration, ensuring continuous delivery of powder / granules into the action zone between the screen and impeller. 

In the action zone, the material is sized or size reduced and instantaneously discharged through the screen openings. The finished product is discharged at the bottom of the milling chamber. Particle size can be optimized by screen, impeller and/or speed selection

Co-Mill is designed for size reduction application. Co-Mill is designed for low heat, Low sound, low energy consumption operation and speed variation. Particles fall from the hopper into the blades of the mill which are moving at a very high RPM. The impact of the blades on the particles is the cause of the sizing. The blade has sharp edge on one side and blunt on the other.

Advantages as compared to other Milling Equipment:

  • The output of co mill is near to the size of sieve used approx. 80%-90%
  • The fines generated are on a lower side as compare to other mills
  • Heat generation in co mill is comparatively very low as it works on forced pressure
  • Other mills have more of dusting as compared to co mill
  • Output of co mill is more than any other mills


Product Model
CM 1 1 HP
CM 3 3 HP
CM 5 5 HP
CM 7.5 7.5 HP

Salient features of the Co-Mill:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Vacuum Loading option.
  • The Bin charging Loading system can also be incorporated in it which is a dust free closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules.
  • Compact size online model also available.
  • Material of construction S.S 316.
  • Imported Laser Driller Mesh for Dry application.
  • Safety Standards with no outside cables.

Co-Mill  Co-Mill