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Tablet Coater type BLC

Tablet Coater type BLC

Gun Assembly

Gun Assembly for BLC

Tablet Coater type BLC


Product: Tablet Coater type BLC

Coaters are used for processing different shapes of tablets, capsules and pellets.
The coating process can be divided into three sub-processes: spraying of Liquid to be coated, drying of the tablets and mixing of the tablets.
The BLC coater series optimizes all three sub-processes. The totally perforated drum with a free surface enables a maximum air flow. The mixing elements ensure the uniform and gentle mixing, even with variable filling degrees: most important condition for best uniformity of coating. The optimized nozzle arm guarantees the perfect adjustment of the nozzle position to the table bed – in this way, it is always possible to set the best spraying distance and angle. Directly under the spraying zone, the heated inlet air is led to the tablet bed and ensures the quick drying of the wet surfaces. The air exhausts through the tablet bed.


  • Up to 1000 Kg per lot (which we cover in only 6 models)
  • Filling Ration 25% -100% without Changing Pan or Baffles
  • Large sized hinged side panels for easy accessibility to the plenums for the purpose of inspection and dismounting.
  • Unique Pan Geometry with effective mixing elements that ensures a gentle product movement and Criss-Cross movement during  rotation.
  • Higher opening percentage that will facilitate faster drying and in turn increased spray rates.
  • Spray boom adjustment in two axes wherein optimum spraying distance and angle can be set.
  • Guaranteed 100% discharge without any tools or any additional fitments.
  • Nozzles for best coating uniformity.
  • Inlet air from the side and direct onto the wet tablet bed.
  • Option of Inline sampling through vacuum suction.
  • Faster Coating due to high performance air technology and by nozzles distances and number of nozzles.
  • Special type Duct Joint 100% leak proof with easy dis-mountable type.


BLC Model BLC Mini BLC 40 BLC 70 BLC 90 BLC 120 BLC 150 BLC 180
Min. Capacity (Kgs) 0.3 1.8 16 36 71 138 239
Max. Capacity (Kgs) 1.3 7.8 64 130 312 610 1055
No. of Guns 2 3 4 6 8 10 12