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Cage Bin

Cage Bin


Product: Cage Bin for Blending operation

Bins are the accepted industry standard for powder handling & Processing application where containment is required. Ease of Cleaning, Provide Containment, work in progress storage & testing, quick batch changing & repeatedly homogeneous blending. Store the dry powder / Granules and transfer material to another equipment Vertical, Cylindrical, Circular, Conical bottom, loose Top Lid.  

  • Cage Bin

  • Typically designed square hermetically sealed blending material movement / storage bins with loose detachable trolley on P.U. wheels ideal for size 50L to 800L Bigger Bins can be designed for customer’s specific requirements. P.U. wheels and an inside / outside surface finish of <0.3 Ra. 

  • Capacities available:

       • 1 Liter to 5000 Liters. 

User specific bins can be designed to suit site / product specifications.

Cage Blending system has replaced completely the conventional blenders like V shape / Double cone or Ribbon type- II is o latest GMP concept with on emphasis on the dust free transfer of powders and granules at different stages from sizing / dispensing 1o compression / filling of tablets.

The process involves collecting the sized granules in o Container, wheeling it to the Blender, engage the same with clamping system, lift and tumble for the re validated time.

Cage Bin Blender has a flexibility of Batch Volume. Varying sizes of containers con be mounted on a drive console which is equipped with clamping cage.

Product Range:

Model Capacity (Ltrs.) Model Capacity (Ltrs.)
CB 50 5 CB 600 600
CB 100 10 CB 700 700
CB 200  200 CB 800 800
CB 300  300 CB 900 900
CB 400  400 CB 1000 1000
CB 500  500 CB 1500 1500

Cage BinCage Bin