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                                                                           Bectochem Loedige in Pharmaceutical Industry. 

   Pharmaceutical Sector  


Pharmaceutical production is subjected worldwide to stringent regulations with regard to safety, cleanliness & reproducibility. The quality of our machines & units complies with these globally enforced standards. In context with these criteria, our specific process know-how for mixing, processing & coating systems is the basis of innovative systems for the pharmaceutical industry. A customer-oriented conception of our machines & facilities is as naturally as a strict compliance with current GMP design requirements & FDA guidelines.
We  provide complete solution -from Concept to Commissioning for the sector. Our customers include producers of well-known pharmaceutical & Healthcare brands and our systems are used widely due to their efficient, cost-effective and optimum processing concepts. Our systems applied for processes in the Pharma industry are based on the comprehensive experience in building complete plants equipped with most modern machines for Mixing, wet granulating, sieving, drying, tableting and coating.
All systems listed here  are available both in production size as well as in laboratory scale.

Machines used in the Pharmaceutical Industry
For the different process-technical production steps of pharmaceutical products Bectochem Loedige Process Technology offers a variety of mixing, granulating, drying, fluid bed, and coating systems.  In the following you will find the list of some of the process equipment:

Ploughshare® Mixer
• Laboratory mixer type L
• Ploughshare® Mixer L for Laboratory, research and small-scale production
• Ploughshare® - Batch Mixer
• GMP Ploughshare® Batch Mixer
• Ploughshare® - Batch Mixer FM for manual product feed
• Continuous Ploughshare® Mixer

Dispersing Mixer LDM

Mixing Granulators
• Laboratory Mixing Granulator with interchangeable vessels
• Mixing Granulator MGT
• High performance ring layer mixer CoriMix® CM
• Melt Granulator LMG

Coating System
• The Lödige Coater LC
• Fluid Bed System
• Fluid Bed Processor LFP

• VT Laboratory Vacuum Shovel Dryer
• Vacuum Shovel Dryer VT

The Company has established itself in the pharmaceutical domestic and foreign markets as a partner for process machines and plants. Global market leaders in the field of pharmaceutical companies trust in our technology, just as producers of generic medicaments, contract manufacturers or small special companies with niche products. Today the Bectochem Loedige company is pleased to present itself as a established brand of Granulation and coating plants in the sector.
Bectochem Loedige rapid Mixing Granulators (RMGs) are an important component of granulation lines installed at well-known domestic as well as international producers of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, the fluid bed processor, one of our products, excels by a growing number of users as an ideal Solution.
We offer batch as well as continuous granulation line to cater to the sector.