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Bectochem Loedige in Food Industry.

   Food Sector  


Equipment manufactured by Bectochem Loedige under technology transfer from Loedige, GMBH are widely used in Food industry for Mixing / granulating, Alkalization, Fat intermixing, Moistening / Coating, Conching, Emulsifying, Heating, Homogenization, Crystallization, Cooling, Sterilization, Drying, Coating, Compacting and many more.
We also provide complete solution -from Concept to Commissioning for the sector. Our customers include producers of well-known food brands and our systems are used widely due to their efficient, cost-effective and optimum processing concepts. Our systems applied for processes in the food industry are based on the comprehensive experience in the construction of mixers and preparation plants for this market sector.
The execution of our machines in compliance with the current international regulations for a food-grade and hygienic design is as self-evident as the customer-specific and product-specific adaptation of our systems as well as a comprehensive after-sales service. To meet the requirements of our customer we offer Batch as well as continuous systems for Mixing and processing.

Machines used in the Food Industry
For the different process-technical production steps of food products BLPT offers a variety of mixing, granulating, drying and fluid bed systems. In the following you will find the list of some of the process equipment:

Ploughshare® Mixer
• Laboratory Mixer L
• Ploughshare® Mixer L for laboratory, research and small-scale production
• Ploughshare® Batch Mixer
• Ploughshare® Food Mixer for Batch Operation
• Ploughshare® Batch Mixer FM with manual product feed
• Ploughshare® Food Mixer for continuous operation

Emulsifying System
• Dispersing mixer LDM

Mixing Granulators
• Laboratory Mixing Granulator with interchangeable vessels
Mixing Granulator RMG 
• High performance ringlayer mixer CoriMix® CM
• Fluid Bed System
• Fluid Bed Processor FLP

• Fluid Bed  Dryer
• VT Laboratory Vacuum Shovel Dryer
• Vacuum Shovel Dryer VT

Our machines are reliable components in the production lines of smaller family-owned companies as well as in the mass production lines of global corporations. In most cases different process steps are combined in our system. Some of the applications realized for the food industry is to be found below.

  • Instant, dried soups
  • Oven-ready flour mixes with addition of fat and lecithin
  • Spices Blending
  • Flavourings
  • Instant drinks dry and with aroma
  • Coffee and tea extracts
  • Dietary supplement
  • Tobacco
  • Sweets / Chocolate
  • Muesli, Cereals
  • Milk /Whey powder / Baby food
  • Enzymes / Starter stocks
  • Creams / Dressings / Mustard
  • Cheese /Cheese spread ingredients