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Bectochem Loedige in Chemical Industry.

   Chemical Sector  


We find chemical products everywhere in daily life. Chemical products save more than twice as much climate-relevant emissions as occurred during their production. Reputable studies prove this. And on top of that: A lot of climate friendly technologies would not be possible without these products: solar cells, wind power plants, electric cars, thermal insulation and waste water treatment only work with chemistry.
The chemical industry produces more than 30.000 different materials – from basic chemicals up to custom-made starting materials for various familiar applications. More than 80% of these products are delivered as pre-products to customers in other industrial fields. The chemical industry is an essential cornerstone to secure the capability for innovations. Other main industries rely on this.

The process-technical tasks in the chemical industry are manifold and can be divided into the following main process steps:

Mechanical treatment of products
Mixing/homogenizing (mixing of dry materials, pastes, bulk materials, liquids containing impurities, etc..)
Distribution and feeding of substances and liquids
Agglomeration and granulation

These process steps may be carried out both continuously and discontinuously.

Mechanical and thermal treatment of products
Drying (vacuum drying batch wise, aeration drying, continuous drying)

It is possible to carry out several process steps in one Lödige system, this is a so-called “single-pot process“.

In many cases, the Lödige machine is applied within a production line where several different process steps and formulations can be carried out reproducibly by means of the adapted control system.

Machines used in  Chemical Industry
In the following you will find the list of some of the process equipment:

• Laboratory Mixer L
• Ploughshare® Mixer L for laboratory, research and small scale production
• Ploughshare® Batch Mixer FM for Manual product feed
• Ploughshare® Batch Mixer FKM
• Continuous Ploughshare® Mixer KM

Dispersing Mixer LDM
• Laboratory Mixing Granulator with interchangeable vessels MGT-L
• Mixing granulator MGT 
• Fluid Bed Processor LFP
• High performance ring-layer Mixer Cori Mix® CM
• Granulation Dryer DRUVATHERM® CGT

Dryers /reactors
• Laboratory Shovel Dryer VT
• DRUVATHERM® Vacuum Shovel Dryer VT
• GRANUCON - Continuous drying with defined retention time distribution
• Coating system
• The Lödige Coater LC

Applications for the chemical industry
According to our large variety of machines, the applications in the chemical industry are manifold. Our machines are suitable for a large variety of applications, reaching from dry mixers for powders, fibres or granulates, over drying plants with condensate recovery, up to pyrolysis reactors. Just due to this flexibility and the know-how acquired over decades we are in a position to offer solutions for each individual specific problem which could not be solved with standard machines.
We shall be pleased to submit our specific reference list for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us!