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Bectochem Loedige in Building Materials Industry.

       Building Sector    


The building materials industry as a traditional sector of the economy is an important innovation driver in the field of building materials.  Billions of tons of mineral raw materials are extracted, treated and processed yearly.

Furthermore, there are the secondary raw materials such as the recycled building materials and slags.
With modern production processes and products, this branch of industry contributes to a sustainable economic development. Over centuries this industry creates durable things of lasting value – and culture, too.
Equipment manufactured by Bectochem Loedige under technology transfer from Loedige, GMBH are widely used in Building material sector for Mixing / granulating, Moistening / Coating, Homogenization, and many more.

Our customers include producers of well-known brands and our systems are used widely due to their efficient, cost-effective and optimum processing concepts. Our products in the Building material industry are based on the comprehensive experience in the construction of heavy duty and easy to clean mixers with central or complete discharge to suit the requirement.
To meet the requirements of our customer we offer Batch as well as continuous systems for Mixing and processing.

Machines used in the Building Materials Industry:

• Laboratory Mixer L
• Ploughshare® Mixer L for laboratory, research and small-scale production
• Ploughshare® Batch Mixer
• Ploughshare®  Mixer for Continuous  Operation

Ploughshare® Mixer
• Laboratory mixer type L
• Ploughshare® Mixer L for Laboratory, research and small-scale production
• Ploughshare® - Batch Mixer
• GMP Ploughshare® Batch Mixer
• Ploughshare® - Batch Mixer FM for manual product feed
• Continuous Ploughshare® Mixer


Our machines are reliable components in the production lines of smaller family-owned companies as well as in the mass production lines of global corporations.  Some of the applications realized for the Building material industry are to be found below.

Components & Additives

• retarding agent
• cellulose
• fibrous materials   
• fly ash
• highly hydraulic lime
• granulated slag sand
• lime hydrate
• • clinker (brick)
• perlite
• pigments
• Chamotte
• Fillers
• slag
• quick setting agent
• stone dust
• trass
• powdered clay
• cement
• Rendering / Mortar /
• Plaster for Flooring / Blast
• Furnace Slag Cement
• Gypsum and Gypsum
• Boards
• Adhesives, Knifing
• Fillers and Multi coloured