• Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical production is subjected worldwide to stringent regulations with regard to safety, cleanliness & reproduceability. The quality of our machines & units complies with these globally enforced standards. In context with these criteria, our specific process know-how for mixing, processing & coating systems is the basis of innovative systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Food

    The food industry is one of the most important and dynamic production sectors. Production of foodstuffs means the targeted alteration or transformation of raw materials from plant or animal origins into safe, healthy and delicious foodstuffs with substantial commercial volumes.
    In order to remain competitive despite rising standards and changing markets as well as customer habits, the efficiency of the processing methods used will become even more important in the industry in
    the future.

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  • Chemicals

    We find chemical products everywhere in daily life. Chemical products save more than twice as much climate-relevant emissions as occurred during their production. Reputable studies prove this. And on top of that: A lot of
    climate friendly technologies would not be possible without these products: solar cells, wind power plants, electric cars, thermal insulation and waste water treatment only work with chemistry.

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  • Metallurgical & Mineral
    Metallurgical & Mineral

    The value of raw materials, their sustainability and extended life cycle are contemporary issues with regards to their increasing shortage –& not only because of the metals being used by the industry. Furthermore, we observe considerable production increases in the field of commodities like iron, copper, aluminum, etc. Raw materials are & will remain decisive for the fulfillment of our basic needs.

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  • The Environment & it's Protection
    The Environment & it's Protection

    An economic good with huge potential for industries taking responsibility between the preferred path of waste prevention in terms of sustainability and the dumping of that waste which is not sustainable, there lies the broad space for recovery, recycling and re-use. All these 3 topics have one thing in common: they can not function without process technology. 

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Bectochem Loedige Process Technology

The company “Bectochem Loedige Process Technology” formed in April 2013 is a strategic & thoughtful venture between Lödige, Germany and Bectochem Consultants and Engineers, India, whereby Lödige forays in to Indian Market to exhibit and establish products and their expertise in process technology, leveraging TEAM “BECTOCHEM” to sell and execute projects. Bectochem’s innovative engineering and diversity in various business operations gets backed by German expertise, thus continual improvement is now evident. Having corporate office in Mumbai the Financial Capital of India and manufacturing plant in the state of Gujarat is an added advantage.

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